Name Gaddo Lensi Orlandi Cardini Florence- Italy Primary, Secondary and High School at Collegio dei Barnabiti in Florence Law Faculty Married in 1968 and now divorced 1965 – Manager of Prato (Florence) Alitalia Airlines Branch 1967 – Manager of Verona Alitalia Airlines Branch 1971 – Named representative in Verona of Varig Brasilian Airlines for Veneto Region Named honorary consul of Brasil in Verona during the Brasilian presidence of Garratzu Medici 1974 – I establish the Limited Partnership of Italian-English Transports at the Chamber of Commerce in Verona and organise lorry transports in Europe and in the Middle East 1977 – I establish the Sole-Proprietor firm ” SERINT ” International Services of Gaddo Lensi Orlandi Cardini who is the agent for Japan and the rest of the world of “AUGUSTA HELICOPTERS and ANSALDO ( IRI) 1984 – I establish the and help the President proprietor Teddy Fortsmann of Gulf Stream Aerospace that makes private planes G 4 and G 5 in selling them in the whole world.I appoint Mr. Nasser Rashid agent for Saudi Arabia. 1989 – Gulfstream is sold to the U S A and I move to Montreal – Canada to ” All bombardier” to sell the private plane Global Express in the whole world 1994 – I become private advisor of FIAT President Giovanni Agnelli for private international relations. 2008 – I become advisor of developper in the Middle East founded by the previous Lebanon Prime Minister Hariri . Through all these jobs I could get high level connections in the whole world, Middle and Far East included China , Russia, South Africa and South America.
  • I am feeling good, healthy and happy. I believe that happiness comes and goes, so those who enjoy the moment receive the greatest gifts from life. My desire is to see the people around me happy to be with me and my greatest pleasure is to satisfy them. After having 2 wives, I now have a lot of women friends who like their own freedom, so it is better to adore them, make them happy and sexually satisfy them, rather than to possess them.Never alone, I have a lot of beautiful people around me. There are more women than men and it is a necessity to help them morally, materially and financially. Obviously, if you find the right combination it is perfect and it may last 3 months, 3 years, 30 years or a lifetime. It depends on your age…The most important thing is never to take advantage of the situation and never disappoint those who are involved, unlike the young boys or uneducated men nowadays who will, just to get a girl into bed.To this day, thank God, I have had a wonderful life (who wants too much, never gets enough). And I hope the future will be even better, thanks to my experience and new experiences.